What the press has said (so far!)

‘Myers continues her Classic series featuring automobile collector and occasional detective Jack Colby, revving up the pace and the action in another mystery steeped in automobile arcana.’

From Booklist

‘Myers’ eighth in the Jack Colby series, one of her best, has a surfeit of suspects, a complicated back story filled with quirky characters, and a surprise ending.’

From Kirkus Reviews


‘Calling all car buffs and cozy fans. Jack Colby, car detective, rides again in another mystery steeped in classic auto arcana.’

From Booklist

‘A stolen Porsche and a murdered man add up to another case for Jack Colby, car detective. The complexities of the case play into Myers’ strength in dealing with complicated relationships. The result is a twisty tale packed with auto lore and family secrets.’

From Kirkus Reviews


classicmistake‘Two cases preoccupy amiable Jack Colby in Myers’s engaging fourth mystery ..A wealth of classic car lore adds to the fun.’

From Publishers’ Weekly

‘The star of the story from a car buff’s point of view is Melody, a Rose Taupe Morris Minor, whose theft is interwoven with a murder mystery in which Jack’s ex wife is implicated. The story is well written and convincingly told. . An enjoyable read.’

Nicola Parks in the Morris Minor’s Minor Matters magazine.


Classic in the Clouds‘Colby soon finds himself involved in a murderous trail in pursuit of the elusive de Dion that involves the car crime underworld and the shadier side of the classic car trade.

…This is an entertaining read with an intriguing plot and an unexpected twist in the tail.’

From review by David Burgess-Wise in The Automobile, February 2013.



‘Readers . . . will enjoy this lively, fast-paced mystery and look forward to the sequel.’

This is from a review in Publishers Weekly about Classic in the Barn; the sequel was Classic Calls the Shots, published earlier this year, and its successor Classic in the Clouds is now published in the UK and will shortly be available in the US.

‘Classic car enthusiasts will relate to Jack Colby, the appealing hero of this series.’


‘A chance encounter with a 1938 Lagonda C12 involved Jack Colby, Car Detective, in a case of murder. … The series kick-off by the prolific Myers (Murder on the Old Road etc) is very much in the tradition of Dick Francis – no bad thing.

From Kirkus Reviews about Classic in the Barn


‘The author’s sense of pacing deserves credit, the detective work she puts Jack through has the requisite ups and downs, and all the car talk with thrill automotive enthusiasts.’

From Booklist about Classic in the Barn


‘Could it [the Gordon-Keeble] now be on the verge of becoming another kind of icon – the car associated with a famous fictional character,* like Inspector Morse’s Jaguar Mk2, Bergerac’s Triumph Roadster or Bond’s Aston Martin DB5?’

From Keebling, the newsletter of the Gordon-Keeble club. My very own classic is one of these very special cars.

‘A carefully plotted and well-oiled crime steeped in jealousy and revenge.’

From Booklist online about Classic Calls the Shots


‘A thought-provoking look at the world of classic cars and moviemaking along with a swiftly paced mystery..’

Kirkus Reviews on Classic Calls the Shots

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