The De Dion Bouton

Hats off to the two sturdy De Dion Boutons that successfully finished the Peking to Paris rally in 1907, a groundbreaking event that it still being replicated today.  In the forthcoming Classic in the Clouds Jack get involved in the hunt for one of the original De Dion Boutons in the rally of 1907. De Dion Bouton was at the time the world’s largest automobile manufacturer. This innovative firm produced a number of models, ranging from early air-cooled single cylinder machines to the world’s first production V8 (sorry, Henry, but your turn came later with the first mass-produced V8 powered automobile in 1932). Many of the vehicles De Dion Bouton made are still around, from the 1880s steam-powered Trepardoux machines to the motor tricyles and motor cars of the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. The firm continued until its demise in the late 1920s.  (My thanks to the De Dion Bouton Club (UK) for its help and advice.)

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