‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane’s Lincoln?’

Jim Myers writes:

What ever happened to Baby Jane? Or, for that matter, what ever happened to Baby Jane’s (48?) Lincoln Continental convertible?

About the film…

I am prompted to ask the question because my wife and I saw this film recently and neither of us could remember if we had ever seen it before. In any case, put two giants of the cinema like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford together and you have an explosive mixture for a hard-hitting film. This celluloid drama gives ‘sisterly rivalry’ a whole new meaning!

Now for the car – The drama takes place mostly in a suburban house in LA. Blanche (Joan Crawford) is in no condition to be driving, having been crippled years ago in an accident, but her sister Jane (Bette Davis) has several shopping trips out in the Lincoln. It is not that unusual to have a ‘star car’ in a film (think of Bullett, for example) but the Lincoln certainly got (and deserved) a high degree of prominence.

About the car….

According to Wikipedia, the first Lincoln Continental (1939-48) was developed as a one-off personal vehicle for then president, Edsel Ford, though it is believed he planned all along to put the model into production if successful. In 1938, he commissioned a custom design from the chief stylist, Eugene T. “Bob” Gregorie, ready for Edsel’s March 1939 Florida vacation.
The design, allegedly sketched out in an hour by Gregorie working from the Lincoln Zephyr blueprints and making changes, was an elegant convertible (also available as a two-door sedan) with a long bonnet covering the Lincoln V12 engine and long front fenders It had a short boot with what became the Continental series’ trademark, the externally mounted covered spare tire.
One thing for sure, the 39-48 Lincoln Continentals remain in the forefront of all American classic cars. In fact, the 1939–1948 Continental is recognized as a “Full Classic” by the Classic Car Club of America, one of the last-built cars to be so recognized. The 1948 Continental also had the last V12 engine put in an American car.

Now for some Jack Colby style car detection – I’m going to try and track down whatever happened to the Lincoln Continental used in the shooting of this film!

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