Welcome to this website

Welcome, car lovers and crime lovers alike. If you’re here for the classic cars only, you have my full permission to click immediately on the Blog button, where you can read about classic cars and comment on them without any compulsion to solve any crimes. If you’re here to read about my crime life, then read on, and click the other buttons.

However, I should explain that I, Jack Colby, am actually the fictional creation of a crime-writing partnership, Amy Myers, who kindly writes up all my cases for me (see www.amymyers.net) and her husband James who contributes his classic car expertise and runs the blog section of this site for me.

Amy Myers

Jim is a life-long car freak and so my cases provide a constructive outlet for the anorak knowledge he’s collected over the years. Amy is English, born in Kent, UK, where she and Jim now live – not far in fact from Frogs Hill which is where I run my classic car restoration service (when I’m not solving murders). Jim is originally from Buffalo, New York, but has lived most of his adult life in Europe, mostly in France and more recently, the UK.

Frog's Hill Farm

Just to explain a little more about Frogs Hill: the vast majority of the restoration work is carried out by my loyal team of two: Len Vickers, crusty sixty-something mechanic who began a life of cars in the motor racing field in the late sixties, and Zoe Grant, forty years his junior who abandoned a engineering course at university in favour of learning from the horse’s mouth at Frogs Hill. As for me – well, I had a brief marriage sometime in the Dark Ages, and am now foot-loose and fancy-free.

In theory that is.Life is never that easy and I chase my dreams both in cars and women. Which do I love best? Well . . .

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